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I must go in with as much range
05-30-2018, 04:23 PM,
I must go in with as much range
Now I have tried tower of oz and I'll just say that there are some floors that are , well ... unfair to Demon Avenger's to say the least. 13F I either have to not get hit at all without lagging, or with lag and perish with multiple strikes because of lag, possess a ruined run. Why? cause. . Power elixir's just do 100k - 1 health fixes and I am 500k hp wash -_-. Solution to heal when lagging? Oh . . .just go in virtually naked. .go in nude.

However the cubes can be stopped from spawning completely with just a bit of help in the rewards points UI trick which I learned so late after many runs through there near naked. Then there is the dreaded 42F . . .legit second hardest floor in oz before Dorothy. Please ... the floors already hard enough without the meteors, but then I must go in with as much range but as little hp as you possibly can one shot the dinosaurs? Really? Only for the sake of having the ability to cure with power elixirs or a bishop friend (heals based on THEIR health not yours) [trust me its not feasible to attempt to heal every strike with energy veil and overload release].

And then there was Dorothy ... reviewing other peoples videos of performing her article revamp and I just can't find any way that Maplestory2 Mesos would be feasible for me to her without even getting hit a garbage ton and I don't even think its possible to kill her because Demon Avenger legit without Nether Shield healing you until the next patch when Soul Seeker and Nether protect get a repair to not go poof when a target goes bye bye before hit or invincibility frames pop up where boss doesn't have any hit box to get a few milliseconds (Dorothy has those pop up A LOT).

Repairing without nether shield would have to be done on potions, overload discharge along with the occasional vitality veil (only 4 hits a second or so which is stinks for maintaining up much desired dps on her). Currently, I would just be moving in as near naked as I can to fight her and expect to perform near cap with as small equipped as possible... Can't actually figure her going down with non capping lines about 9 strikes a second from just pace capped execution even with the utmost legit time of 45 - 50 minutes to confront her with uber fortune from RNGesus and buddies helping EVERYWHERE potential.

Okay . . Did some research. . With the pace on implementation being rate zero (I now am at it with internal ability + decent speed extract + MPE potion + class fans) I would be seeing about 11.4 strikes per second from execution + Infernal Exceed as Nether Shield might as well not exist when facing Dorothy.

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